Animation Trainer

animation trainerWith this interesting software you can do your own cartoon in only two weeks !!!!
dot Layout & Tools: The Anime Studio software can have a little bit of a learning curve when you first open the software.
dot Animation Basics: Learn exactly how the software’s interface works to animate your projects.  By the time this module is over, you’ll be able to take your new knowledge to start your animations right away!
dot Character Creation: This five part series will take you from nothing to having your very own basic cartoon character right away.
dot Lip Sync Your Character: Lip synching a character can make or break a cartoon, or, even a cartoonist.  There are so many ways to lip sync your character. Do you want accuracy?  Do you want speed?  Do you want to crank out cartoons really fast, so you can stay up to date with the latest trends and popular web searches?  This module covers it all!
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Art of Flying

ipad horizontalLearn to Fly Your Camera With Perfection So You Can Create EPIC Wedding and Corporate Films!
What you’ll learn in this training video?
dot How to properly position the camera on the device.
dot How to adjust vertical and horizontal balance so you can achieve perfect drop time.
dot How to achieve perfect walking and running shots.
dot How to execute a flawless 360 degree pan.
dot Techniques for avoiding drastic movements during drops and releases.
dot How to move from one location to the next without affecting your balance adjustments.
dot Which lenses you need in order to get the best flying shots possible.
dot Making the right cuts in the edit suite so your footage looks amazing in the finished video.
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My Movie Pass

myMoviePass popcornmyMoviePass has the best rates online because we only charge you for your movies; there are no monthly fees, subscription rates, additional hardware or limitations of any kind. myMoviePass is simply movies in their purest form!
Upgrade both your home entertainment system and your computer’s media center with myMoviePass. Download the films that take full advantage of your home theatre. Watch the movies that promise to add a little more drama, humor, intrigue, suspense and mystery into your life! Get the most from your movies with enhanced, high-rez visuals and clean, super-crisp sound.
Experience a cinemaesque quality that can only be found in the theatres. Access a unique and diversified library that offers you blockbusters as well as cult classics. Watch movies whenever you want, however you want! There are no restrictions whatsoever with myMoviePass; get what you want 24/7, because on this site the cameras are always rolling!
dot Instantly Stream Movies Online: Legally, at your own convenience.
dot 1000s of Titles to choose from: Watch a huge selection of full-length films.
dot Unlimited Streaming Bandwidth: Unrestricted amount of bandwidth and content.
dot All for one Low, One-Time Charge: No recurring fees, ever.
dot HD & HQ High Quality available: Rich, digitally-enhanced audio and video quality.
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Imovies Club

imoviesclubDownload as many movies than you want.
Download Unlimited Full Movies and Watch On Your Computer, TV, Portable Device or Mobile Phone.
dot No Recurring.
dot Billing! Never Pay Monthly Cable Bills Again … Ever!
dot 24/7 Full Movie Downloads With No Bandwidth Limits or Per Title Fees.
dot You Own The Downloaded Movies Forever. Create a Huge DVD Library!
dot Download Directly From Us at Lightning Speeds. Not a P2P Service.
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